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Cosa Nostra by Julia Juls


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All these DRUGS

but I wanna do YOU.


Dresses: Nella Ioannou Couture, to inquire click here    Boots: Asos,  Jewelry: Vicky Avraam Jewelworks, to order click here,  Purse: BananaRepublic

Special edition Disaronno bottle by Versace



Photo-shoot took place at “Cosa Nostra” restaurant, for more info click here


Special thanks to Yiannis Georgoulias for the hospitality and to my best friend Georgia Petrousi for posing with me. Only love.


Photos by Antonis Alexopoulos



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Ι'm a fool for Love, Αrts, Photography, Lingerie and Macarons. Escape with me to the things I love the most here and with my blog Julia Loves Romeo

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